EE310 humidity and temperature transmitter from E+E Elektronik

The EE310 measures humidity and temperature in the range from -40 °C to 180 °C (-40…356 °F) and up to 20 bar (300 psi). Furthermore the device calculates dew point temperature, frost point temperature, wet-bulb temperature, water vapour partial pressure, mixing ratio, absolute humidity and specific enthalpy.

The highly accurate transmitter is ideal for industrial process monitoring and control, as well as for use in climate and test chambers, dryers, humidifiers or clean rooms.

  • EE310 humidity and temperature transmitter
    The large TFT display of the EE310 provides an optimal overview of the measurement task.
  • EE310 colour display
    The stored values can be displayed as graphs on the display.

Multi-functional Display with Integrated Data Logger

Comfortable User Interface

The 3.5“ TFT colour display offers an optimum overview of the measuring task. The data logger allows continuous recording of 20,000 values per measurand.

The intuitive menu navigation facilitates operation and configuration of the transmitter. Extensive error diagnostics and alarm settings can be also performed directly on the device.

 Shows up to four measurands simultaneously

 Stores 20,000 values per measurand

 Logged values shown graphically

 Intuitive operation and device setup via display and push buttons

 Extensive error diagnostics



Modular Enclosure Design

Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance

The modular enclosure of the EE310 consists of the mounting unit (1) with integrated screw terminals for wiring and the evaluation unit (2), which accommodates the measuring electronics and the sensing probe.

For maintenance purposes, the evaluation unit can be plugged off and replaced within seconds, while the wiring remains untouched.

 Two-part enclosure for quick and easy maintenance

 Well protected electronics

 Protection class IP65

 UL94-V0 approved material

 Integrated 100…240 V AC power supply module (optional)



  • EE310 - Modular Enclosure Design
    The two-part polycarbonate enclosure facilitates installation and maintenance of the EE310.

Various Models and Probes

EE310 is available for wall or duct mount, as well as with various remote probes. The remote probes can be employed up to 180 °C (356 °F) and 20 bar (290 psi).

EE310 wall mount

EE310 wall mount

EE310 duct mount

EE310 duct mount

EE310 with remote probe

EE310 with remote probe

Other Features

E+E Sensor Coating

The E+E proprietary sensor coating protects the sensing elements from corrosive and electrically conductive contamination. This leads to long-term stable and reliable measurements and increases the service life of the sensor even in harsh environment.

Analogue, Digital and Alarm Outputs

The EE310 offers two analogue outputs (current / voltage) and a Modbus RTU interface. Two freely configurable relay outputs can be used for control or alarm purposes.

EE-PCS Configuration Software

Configuration and adjustment of the EE310 can be easily performed also with the free product configuration software EE-PCS using the USB interface. Download of the logged data and firmware updates are possible as well.

  • E+E Elektronik Headquaters
    E+E Elektronik Headquaters, Engerwitzdorf/ Austria.

E+E Elektronik - Your Partner in Sensor Technology

Since more than 20 years, E+E Elektronik develops and manufactures sensors and transmitters for humidity, temperature, dew point, moisture in oil, air velocity, mass flow and CO2.

The main applications for E+E products lie in HVAC, building automation, industrial process control and the automotive industry.

A certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 ensures the highest quality standards.

E+E Elektronik has a worldwide dealership network and representative offices in Germany, France, Italy, Korea, China and the United States.

The accredited E+E calibration laboratory (OEKD) has been commissioned by the Austrian Federal Office for Metrology (BEV) to provide the national standards for humidity and air velocity.